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Chicago, Illinois


Commercial Gym


Construction Complete; 2014


Edge Athlete Lounge is a boutique facility that serves the elite endurance athlete community of Chicago.  Located off N. Elston sandwiched between warehouses, they specialize in recovery, training and nutrition.  Additionally, our clients desired their space to be a place for community and education as well.


This project required the combination of many programmatic elements in a compact space.  We used the program density as way to manifest our concept.  In principle, the most vulnerable time for an athlete is while they are recovering from an intense workout.  In the case of our clients, this recovery time is focused using 'recovery boots', where a user wears these boots and sits in a comfortable chair to relax.  We wrapped the remaining program as form around the recovery space to enclose and protect the recovering athlete.  At the same time, the space remains flexible to allow for larger group meetings, demonstrations and lectures.  The space offers public access to a cafe from the front door, and a more private entrance through the spa and changing area from the rear.


The resulting space combines densely packed zones of activity, recovery and interaction into a two story shoe box flooded with vertical light.

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