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We believe in the power of art.

Although we are an architecture firm, we all enjoy participating in the arts, whether it's drawing, making music, printmaking, or animation. Art is a way to express one's self, and oftentimes that means we are sharing our culture, views, struggles, and stories with others. 

We try to incorporate the arts into our work as much as possible. Hand drawing and sketching are regular practices in the firm. We work with street artists to create murals and paintings that work with our designed structures. Appreciating and collaborating with local artisans is very important to us.

Junction Grove is a project that is currently under construction in Englewood. This project is a live+work space for artists. The first floor contains a large flex space that can be used for gallery shows, meetings, lectures, and other community events. 

The second and third floors contain residential units that foster creativity and collaboration. These units are designed with artists in mind - they have their studio/work space at the front of the building, facing the street. These work spaces are stacked and connected via the main staircase, which allows artists from all floors to easily connect with one another if desired.

The bedrooms are located towards the back of the building in the more private, closed-off section of the units.

The back staircase takes the residents to the rooftop which is oriented and designed around the view of downtown Chicago, providing inspiration.

The South Shore Daycare is comprised of two main pieces of furniture. We designed custom wood pieces, one for the social/community area and the other for the transition area. 

We put out a request for bids for these two pieces of furniture, with priority given to local woodworkers of the South Shore neighborhood. We believe in supporting local artists and artisans and try to include them in projects whenever possible. 

This project is currently under construction, and our chosen craftsman will be announced soon.

Compound Yellow 

2020 brought challenges that we had never had to deal with before. Life was seemingly normal until about March, when COVID-19 hit the US. Public gatherings were deemed dangerous. Offices shut down and shifted their employees to remote connections. Social spaces closed their doors. Restaurants, gyms, bars, community spaces, and other “third places” were removed from being an option. We didn’t realize how long this shift would last, yet alone imagine the consequences that it would later have on us.


Our wellbeing became at risk. Anxiety and depression were present and rampant before COVID-19, and they became even more dangerous in a pandemic-filled world. Things that would typically ease people’s anxieties and lift people’s moods were now off-limits. We needed to pivot, and we needed to do it fast. Luckily, the seasons shifted in time for us to utilize the nice weather to our advantage and re-create third places outside, where it was safe.

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