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What does it mean to build a house these days? You would think that by now we would have learned that bigger is not necessarily better, but that doesn't always seem to be the case. This project focuses on designing values-based architecture that relates to its unique social and physical settings. We believe that a good dwelling is a combination of a value-driven program, a unique site, and an overarching concept. The essential programs in a dwelling include spaces for food, work, sleep, social, quiet, and cleansing. For this study, we focused on three different site categories: rural, urban (single family), and urban (multifamily). Lastly, the binding concepts include sunlight, green space, and public/private zones. We released a survey regarding dwelling spaces in order to get feedback on what is truly essentially. We also hosted multiple interviews with case study clients to see what personal feedback they had to give on these ideas. One of these case studies is now turning into an actual project - we will be creating an essential home on a rural site. This home will be modular - having the ability to be replicated and adaptive to different sites.

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