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Madison Street Theatre sought a feasibility study for their performing arts center, which was suffering from years of deferred maintenance. A previous remodel to the theatre left the existing spaces clutteredat the same time that the needs of thelocal acting community shifted to prefer mobility and the ability to book short runs at rotating venues. In addition, patrons wanted a more vibrant and useful space that allowed greater access throughout the day. Our conceptproposed a new model of operation, focusing on three major components: community access, theatre space, and actor / crew access. We sought to clarify and expand the programs of both the public and actor / crew areas, and wrapped the theatres with this updated program. The new design allowed the performance spaces to be surrounded with the things that make it thrive -- those who appreciate it, and those who create it.


10,000 SF

Oak Park, Illinois

Performing Arts Center

Feasibility Study:2012, 2015

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