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This project was conceived over glasses of wine and dinner conversation among neighbors. Brought to life over the course of three years, this project was a true collaboration of many people -- farmers, designers, architects, local government, and the surrounding community. Our concept for this project stemmed from the central need of a food co-op: the need to combine community, healthy food, and education. Our design sought to accomplish the need through two specific architectural elements: an in-house cafe at the store entry, and a demonstration area / gathering space in the center of the store. The intent was to combine food and people in a meaningful way, allowing them to not only shop for groceries, but to know more about what they are consuming. This project was brought to life fully in collaboration with Civic Projects, LLC, The Wood Wizzard, co-designers, the architect of record, and the construction firm.


3,000 SF

Oak Park, Illinois


Completed 2015

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