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Tryon Farm is a unique eco-community located on the outskirts of Michigan City, Indiana.  Initially a dairy farm for many years, this 180 acre parcel has been transformed into clustered small home settlements placed strategically throughout the varied landscapes of the overall site.  Our mission was to create a design for a natural pool, one that was located in a central space accessible to all.  Our concept was to re-inhabit an existing machine barn located in the common area and convert it into a natural pool.  Deliberate placement of a concrete waterfall wall serves to retain and create an infinity edge for a new great lawn that falls out in front of the steps of the converted flagship barn.  The barn, now a gathering space for weddings and festive gala summer meals now benefits from it's adjacent neighbor, a naturally filtered pond that one can swim in while being serenaded by resident frogs...


2,500 SF

Michigan City, Indiana


Design Development

Complete 2012

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