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We believe that architecture has the capacity to enrich our society, to be critical of the norms and challenge convention, and the ability to bring about positive change.  We see ourselves as engaged participants in this process of making meaningful architecture, and relate our ideals to the world through our built work, research, and writing. 


Our work regularly consists of four key elements - People, Program, Site and Concept.  We study and combine each of these elements throughout the design process,  which result in the physical attributes of the project.  These elements explained-


People- People are what we create our work for; clients, end users, casual passers-by.  People help to generate the vision and ideas for our projects.  Our work is driven by the needs of the general and the specific, and we look to improve on the human condition through input and collaboration.


Program - Simply put, the program is what the building is supposed to do for the people using it. Program can be complex or very straightforward, but ultimately, this crucial element exists to define the project's overall purpose- how will it serve its constituents, from the individual to the group. However, and equally as important, program also serves to challenge traditional ways of arranging space and uses. Program can introduce different and inventive relationships between spaces that expand the way a client thinks of work, how people live, and how communities gather.


Site - It describes a location's natural and physical conditions.  The site itself helps to define a project's form, organization and use through its size, relationship to adjacent built work and physical surroundings.  Additionally, natural phenomena -the passing of time and season- are reflected on the site and tie the earth and the sky together through this repetitive process.  The resulting architecture serves to link the two, and in doing so, anchors itself to both.


Concept - We believe the most lasting architecture is a combination of the practical and the experiential, and as such insist upon tying Program, People and Site together through the use of a unifying idea that serves to guide the overall formal  and intellectual design of the work.


We tie People, Program and Site together through Concept.  The resultant built form is a completed project that not only connects beauty with use, but also through those relationships relate people to their surrounding physical reality.  It is our belief that this process creates meaningful, timeless work that responds to both the general human condition and to the unique qualities of the individual user.

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