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Project Size:




250 SF

Chicago, IL

Mobile Food Market / Bus


The Fresh Moves 2.0 project was the conversion of a decommissioned 'bookmobile' bus donated by the City of Chicago to Growing Power, an urban agriculture organization based on the city's south side.  The bus makes daily runs from the Growing Power farms to several stops on the south and west sides of the city, all in food desert areas.  The goal of this project is to bring fresh, locally grown produce into areas where it is not usually available.  Our Concept was to make something as useful as possible for as little as possible.  Re-used and re-engineered wire shelving units were installed into new plywood vertical supports.  As much as could be salvaged from other vehicles and projects was; many people volunteered services and expertise to see this project become a reality.  The result is now a vital source of fresh produce for areas that sorely need it.  A second bus is on the way.  This project has been featured in exhibits at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, Museum of Design Atlanta, and is on display at this year's AIA National Conference.

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