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While 2020 started out like the years past, it quickly took a turn. A pandemic made its way around the globe, altering the lives of each and every one of us. By mid-March, much of the US had been greatly affected - restaurants closed their doors, sports were cancelled, group activities were not halted, and working-from-home became the norm for those that were privileged enough to be able to do so. Although COVID-19 shut down a lot of activity and physical connections in the city, it provided us with a moment to stop and think about our infrastructure. What role can we, as urban designers, have during this pandemic (and beyond) to keep human beings physically healthy? How do we design urban infrastructure to have a positive effect on people's mental health? How do we prefer to move through the city? How can we safely get outside and experience nature during a time where we are supposed to stay away from others? These questions prompted us to think about streets as paths that do not have to just be for cars, but for people. What if we shifted our street functions? We created a proposal, a survey, and a packet of results to share with the City of Chicago.



Chicago, IL




Proposal Completed

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